Association Management

Aegis Properties clients deal directly with senior executives rather than site supervisors - this is part of the Aegis "ownership" mentality and hands-on approach. Senior executives visit assignment sites on a daily basis during the take over process. In this manner, association clients receive ongoing information regarding program implementation. At Aegis it is understood that any program's success is dependent upon the quality of the on-site staff. The Aegis policy of continual direct senior level inspection and involvement ensures that standards and objectives used by Aegis Properties are not only met but that each opportunity for improvement is investigated and brought to the attention of the Board.

By using creative approaches to trim expenses, value is enhanced. We pass advantages through to our Associations. For example we purchase gas at wholesale prices and provide it to our clients at our cost. We provide the most up-to-date information, advice and programming for City and State mandates such as the local "Facade Inspection" ordinance and Life Safety Evaluation Plan requirements under the revised City Code. In many instances, we are able to do this without incurring the expense of consultants due to our close affiliations with and memberships on the Boards of proactive real estate organizations.

Aegis Properties subscribes to very high standards of service. Senior Executives have a wide range of experience in dealing with any sort of challenge or objective presenting itself in the course of our management assignments. This wealth of multi-faceted experience allows us to personally respond to the needs of our clients and offer well thought out advice and direction to achieve the goals of an Association in a professional, cost effective manner.

Association Management Services Offered
Aegis Properties Corporation is a "Full Service" management organization. Aegis has the resources and expertise to provide a complete menu of services to suit the individual needs of our clients. This includes:


  • General Management of Property
  • Recruitment, Supervision and Training of On-Site Personnel
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Purchasing
  • Taxes and Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance with Governmental Mandates
  • Meeting with and Providing Reports to the Board
  • Implementing programs to Achieve Goals of the Board

Finance and Accounting

  • Records, Books, Accounts
  • Operating Budgets
  • Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Reserve Planning
  • Collection of Association Assessments
  • Payroll Disbursements
  • Weekly Payment of Accounts Payable
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Reports with Summary Review
  • Monthly Maintenance Statements
  • Separate Association Bank Accounts
  • Bonding


  • Periodic Property Inspection
  • Implementation of Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Implementation of Work Control System
  • Security
  • Contracting for Services
  • Supervision of Contractors
  • Ensuring Code Compliance

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Hassan Ali
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